Sunday, February 25, 2007

Evil Lib-ruls and Feminazis

It's funny to think about how strongly feminist (and mostly liberal) I am, considering the fact that my parents are both conservative Republicans and listeners of Limbaugh. Today I talked to my dad, and he mentioned that there is going to be a "conservative response" to The Daily Show. (I did my own searching and found out about The 1/2 Hour News Hour here. Yeah, Faux News is pretty much a staple at my parents' house, so I'm not surprised that the show is broadcast from there.)

Of course, I reminded him that when he listened to shows that vilified liberals and feminists, he should think of me, his own flesh and blood, and remember that I'm not a bad person, nor am I an unreasonable person. I told him I was the kind of person that Rush Limbaugh would hate, and he didn't believe me.

I don't really have much to say about this, I just hope that I provided enough of a human link for my parents to realize that when they listen to that crap on the radio and TV about what feminists and liberals are really like, they think about me, and they realize that it's not really true.

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