Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Upcoming Events

I'm still not used to living close to a city (OK I'm an hour away from Boston, but that's a lot closer to a major city than where I grew up), so I only recently started taking advantage of all the neat things that happen during the weekends. I already have a couple major events that I want to go to this March:

1. MFA screening of China Blue on Saturday, March 8. It's a movie about a blue jeans factory in China, and it focuses on the lives of the women and girls who run the machines. It looks really interesting because it doesn't just focus on the bad factory conditions, but it also looks into what these people are actually like. On a funny note, the guy who made the movie also made a fake propaganda film about the factory to appease the guy who runs the company (who thought that the footage was going to be used in a positive light).

2. Wheelock College's conference about pornography, pop culture, and feminist theory, March 23-25. I get to meet so few actual feminists who know something about theory, so that's one reason I want to go. The other is because I'm not so familiar with the debate on the pornification of culture (hey go easy on me, I have two jobs, I don't have time to research everything). It sounds pretty darn interesting, and I hope that I can meet some people to discuss theory with.

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